Relaxation - Beginner

These students are beginning their internship! They are trained in full body Swedish Massages, or can apply the same techniques to more focused body areas.

Relaxation - Intermediate

This level of Student Intern is comfortable with Swedish massage, and is beginning to incorporate some more focused massage techniques.

Therapeutic - Advanced

These Student Interns are in their final terms! They're capable of treating specific issues, injuries, or orthopedic conditions.

Pregnancy Massage

Appropriate for all stages of pregnancy!





Our most advanced level of Student. This student is competent in pregnancy massage, and sports treatments. They have a working knowledge of systemic pathologies to safely and effectively treat a myriad of complaints. Patients looking for treatments comparable to an RMT are recommended to book with this students.


Located at:
1050 West Pender Street, 3rd Floor, Vancouver
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