Our most advanced level of Student. This student is competent in pregnancy massage, and sports treatments. They have a working knowledge of systemic pathologies to safely and effectively treat a myriad of complaints. Patients looking for treatments comparable to an RMT are recommended to book with this students.






These Student Interns are well versed in Swedish massage; they are currently learning to treat more specific issues, injuries, and orthopedic conditions.


Pregnancy Massage

Appropriate for all stages of pregnancy!

Therapeutic - Advanced

These Student Interns are in their final terms! They're capable of treating specific issues, injuries, or orthopedic conditions.

Relaxation - Beginner

These students are beginning their internship! They are trained in full body Swedish Massages, or can apply the same techniques to more focused body areas.

Relaxation - Intermediate

This level of Student Intern is comfortable with Swedish massage, and is beginning to incorporate some more focused massage techniques.

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1050 West Pender Street, 3rd Floor, Vancouver
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